Life change happens in the context of relationships. We are designed for relationships. They define us, grow us, challenge us, strengthen us and bless us.

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Term 2 Connect Groups | 6th MAY - 5th JULY



Introductory course to Christianity. A course specifically designed for people to ask any questions on any topic. Evening starts with dessert/light snack/coffee. Then half hour video followed by discussion group. There is a weekend of sessions on the Holy Spirit halfway through the course.

Leader: Andrew Weakley

Age: 18+

Notes: Bring any questions you have.

Costs: No cost

Loving Our Kids On Purpose is a popular book and DVD series by Danny Silk. The aim of the series is to give you tools to protect your connection with your children; teach your children to manage increasing levels of freedom; replace the tools of intimidation and control; and create a safe place for children to build confidence and personal responsibility. 

Leader: Jevon & Katharine McSkimming

Ages: 18+ 

Costs: No cost

Childcare: Not available


Kapiti needs the love of Jesus, and we are His hands and feet. A mixture of evangelism and local short-term outreach, we will be seeking to partner with God's burning heart for the one and reach out to our Kapiti Community.

Leader: Kester Roberts


Bring a Bible, a creative mind and an expectant heart on the Thursday nights.

Be prepared to think outside the box. Outreach dates may vary.

Ages: 13+

CostsOutreaches may have costs associated with transport and the nature of the outreach.

Childcare: Not available

As a group we’ll choose a bible study to work through and discuss together, while enjoying coffee and conversation.

Leader: Paul & Di Pearce

Notes: Bring a bible, pen & notebook.

Age: 18+

Costs: No cost

Childcare: Not available


For those brave enough to commute to Wellington, come and join

some top men for great food and quality chat

Leader: Hayden Douglas

Notes: Men only

Costs: Cost of breakfast

Childcare: Not available

A group for young adult guys to come and connect, be challenged, inspired and equipped to live a life filled with purpose.

Leader: Spencer Nutsford

Age: 18 - 30 years

Notes: Bring a bible, pen & notebook

Costs: No cost

Childcare: Not available

Guys encouraging guys around the word. 
Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.

Leader: Hayden Douglas

Age: Any age

Notes: Men only. Bring your bible and nibbles

Costs: No cost

Childcare: Not available

Bring a DVD and some chips or drink. We’ll vote for the DVD we want to watch that night, likely Sci fi, Western, War, etc… basically anything but Romcoms.

LeaderIan ‘they call me Arnie Stallone’ Dennis

Notes: Bring DVDs, (even raid the bargain bins at the Warehouse if you need to), chips and / or drink.  Note the DVD player doesn’t play blu-ray discs.

Costs: No extra cost


Watch Anne of green gables with other like minded people!

Leader: Ps Helen Dennis

Age: 18+

NotesGirls only. Bring a healthy snack to share.

Costs: No cost

Childcare: Not available

Crafting for charity. Sewing, nitting, crocheting or anything you like, making gifts for local charities. Mostly blankets.

Leader: Diane Jackson and Heather Weakley

Age: Any age

NotesBring your sewing machine, knitting needles, crochet hook. If you have fabric or wool you’re able to donate that would be much appreciated. We do have some on hand.

Costs: No cost

Childcare: Not available

Back by popular demand. What better way could you spend your Tuesday night than
hanging out with a bunch of great people, getting fit and keeping warm.

Leader: Hannah Faulke

Age: Any age

Notes: Bring your pilates mat if you have one

Costs: $5 per week

Childcare: Not available

A bouquet of roses instead of a bunch of weeds. For women on their own who are raising a family - single, divorced, separated or widowed.

Leader: Wendy Shipman

Age: 25 - 50 years old

Notes: A work book will be provided. Bring additional note paper if you want to.

Costs: No cost

ChildcareNo, but let us know if you are having a problem finding a sitter and we will see if we can help.

Motherhood is so much better with company. A once a week catch up for those with little ones to enjoy some tea/coffee, treats & great company.

Leader: Kate Douglas & Kristy Watson

Age: Mums & Bubs (ages 0-4)

Costs: No cost

Praise - from "He is Lord" to "I raise a Hallelujah" (from old to new). Perspectives- topical discussion from a Christian perspective.

Leader: Judy White

Notes: Bring a bible, pen, notebook & ideas!

Costs: No cost

Childcare: Not available


From potluck lunch to picnics, bush walks to biking. Sunday Funday is about meeting other families in the church, having fun with the kids and making Sunday a FUNDAY!

Leader: Kate Douglas & Troy Stewart

Notes: Activities will change from week to week, we understand family life is busy and you may not be able to make each activity or some actives may not be workable for your family. But Join in where and when you can

Ages: Families with Kids of all ages are welcome

Costs: No cost

ChildcareParents must attend with there children


A space during the week for us to learn from the bible and have a whole lot of fun!

Leader: Kyle & Grace Weedon

Age: 12 - 17 years

Costs: No cost

Young Adults

To achieve success in life, it doesn’t have to just be about learning from our mistakes but more from learning off other people’s successes. Each week we will review a different TEDx Talk and then review it and see what the Bible says about it and what life hacks we can take away from them.

Leader: Ps Mason Griffin

Age: 18 - 30 years old

Costs: No cost

Childcare: Not available

It is true that generosity is a kingdom value. However, you may be surprised to learn that giving alone will not create financial freedom. For that to occur, we require four main ingredients that, once activated on a foundation of revelation, will create a life and a future of financial breakthrough and blessing. God Money & Me will enable you to create a pathway to financial freedom and will equip you to establish a financial freedom for future generations.

Leader: Jeremy & Adelle Ironside

Notes: Bring a pen.

Costs: $25 to cover the cost of training manuals

Childcare: Not available

Coming together in prayer and worship. experiencing God. Having a great time with great people. 

Leader: Sam Fleming & Tyler Nikora

Age: 18 - 25 years old

Notes: Bring a bible.

Costs: No cost

Childcare: Not available